Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Liebster Award from PL

Thanks to Princess Leah for this amazing award! You should totally check out and start following her blog. This is the third time I've done the Liebster thing, so we know the drill...
1. What is your biggest fear?
Not being good enough at insert-current-obsession-here.
2. Who is your favorite Author?
Jane Austen.
3. Do you like rooms to be super bright or do you prefer dim light? (I know, weird question)
Super bright. A la Hemingway, I prefer a clean, well-lit space.
4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Gossip sessions &/or general cattiness.
5. What is your hidden talent?
Being able to recognize any Taylor song within a couple bars.
6. Did you change a lot since you were a child? If so, how?
I'm even more of a perfectionist (although that wasn't supposed to be possible) and I guess my interests have segway-ed into different things. You know, binge-watching Netflix &etc. But I think my core personality is more or less the same.
7. Are you sarcastic, deep, sweet or undefinable?
Hm. Sweet with people I don't know that well, deep with people I do.
8. When you raise your eyes from this computer screen, what are you looking at?
Several different poster-board size magazine collages... I guess that's another hidden talent :)
9. What is your realistic/unrealistic dream job?
Senior Editor at a fashion/lifestyle magazine.
10. What was your first job?
In tenth grade, I got my first paying job,  working as a Childcare Assistant at Generations Church.
11. Do you have a tan right now?
Um, no. The only tan I ever had came out of a bottle, and that was forever ago. Here's to SPF and skin-saving in the 2010s and always :)
I nominate whoever wants to participate! Make sure to leave me your link so I can check out your blog.
Here are your new questions:
1. Favorite color (humor me)?
2. Song you have on repeat?
3. Your five favorite words?
4. If you had to define yourself using four adjectives or less, which ones would you choose?
5. How would you describe your approach to healthy living?
6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
7. Are you saving up for anything right now?
8. Biggest splurge to date?
9. Would you rather grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly or Forbes?
10. Favorite kind of dessert?
11. Do you like rain?
Love! Happy summer!