Thursday, January 22, 2015


Remember this: behind the skinny actress with the Oscar win; behind the joke you think is stupid; behind the girl with reputation that is falling apart in public; behind the tears of the girl being bullied and the harsh words of the mean girl who bullies her; behind the woman at the Food Lion who scans the cereal and the man sitting in the Oval Office—behind all of those images that people craft for themselves, there is a person, seen by God, created in his image, and longing to be loved and accepted. Just like you. No matter what their reputation, no matter what image they so desperately want to show you, there is a person. Don’t forget to see them.
--Emily P. Freeman, Graceful

I'm back from my unannounced, self-imposed blogging hiatus, and wanted to share this beautiful excerpt from one of my favorite books with you. Hope you have a beautiful Thursday.




  1. I always find your words so profound. You obviously are a deep thinker and I know you are an avid reader. The seashell with the words written in it, I LOVE! Is this just a picture or do you have such a shell. I have just recently been studying these Words of Jesus in the Book of St. John.

    1. We went to the beach earlier this week, and the shoreline was scattered with a bunch of shells with Bible verses and inspirational quotes on them. I picked this one up and took a picture (that's my hand). I got your Facebook message... This verse is actually John 8:32.


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